Human Trafficking for Occupational and Physical Therapists

This is a course on the dynamics of human trafficking. Why it happens, who are most vulnerable, how you can spot a victim and more are covered. It has been prepared with rehabilitative professionals and their work environments in mind.


Fire Safety for Florida Adult Family Care Homes


Group Living Course 1101 - Universal First Aid

A First Aid Course covering Burns, Bruises, Fractures and more...


Group Living Course 1102 - Adult CPR

How to recognize the presence of a cardiac event and appropriate responses. Being equipped to respond when someone enters a cardiac emergency is of special importance for all care providers.


Group Living Course 1162 - Managing the Dynamics of Direct Purchase of Service Agreements

This course intro to durable medical equipment to home care and medical needs transportation to the process of introducing your company to Medicaid waiver agents, contracting with them and managing the subsequent direct purchase of service processes.


Group Living Course 1156 - PIP Billing and Service Documentation