An AFC Preparedness Initiative

This product is used as a pre-licensing, staff development and annual continuing education item. It is used by new group home owners who are transitioning from AFC Family Homes. Also useful to independent living owners.  Assists in compliance with State of MI Rule 400.14201.

CRITICAL SKILL CLASS: PRE-LICENSING PREPAREDNESS AND SKILL REBUILDING COURSE FOR MICHIGAN ADULT FOSTER CARE and HOME FOR THE AGED LICENSEES and ADMINISTRATORS developed by a private entity.  If you are working at becoming licensed, rely heavily upon your State licensing consultant for technical assistance and direction. Click this link Group_Policy_content_worksheet__12-12_146896_7.pdf for Policy Oriented Worksheet issued by the State of Michigan.  Expect your graded Completion Certificate within 12 hours of completion via email.

This is an on-line course that discusses licensure and other regulatory requirements associated with Adult Foster Care and Home for The Aged management.  It covers all of the items in State of Michigan Administrative Rule 400.14201/202/203/204/205 and more, including:

  1. Adult Foster Care Definition:  As Defined in the Act
  2. Nutritional Protocol in Group Living
  3. Knowledge of the Needs of Populations to Be Served
  4. Administrator Qualifications for AFC and Home for the Aged Programs
  5. Resident Rights-Includes Resident Protection and AFC Specific Prohibited Practices
  6. Licensing Requirements and Resident Safety
  7. Effective Fire Safety & Prevention
  8. Policy Development
  9. Corporate Governance
  10. Effective Financial and General Management
  11. Person Centered Planning - Knowing Resident Needs
  12. Prevention & Containment of Communicable Disease
  13. First Aid - Email us to schedule large groups on-site
  14. CPR - Email us to schedule large groups on-site
  15. Reporting Requirements:  Documentation Integrity
  16. Medication Administration

Course Curriculum

Chapter 14 - Environmental Emergencies: Preventing, Preparing and Responding: Managing: Fire Safety, Extreme Weather, Utility Outage, Gas Leaks and Explosions

What's included?

7 Quizzes
82 Texts
Direct Care Training Clinical Response Team
Direct Care Training Clinical Response Team
Senior Instructors

About the instructor

This is our internal group of nurses, social workers and a physician who work hard to make community based care providers successful.

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