Course curriculum

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    Guidelines for Proper Nutrition & Better Health in Group Living

    • Lesson A: Eating Properly

    • Lesson B: Following Dietary Guidelines

    • Lesson C: Bone Up on Calcium & Fiber

    • Lesson D: Tips About Carbs, Salts & Sweets

    • Lesson E: Labels Are Important!!

    • Lesson F: Keeping Track

    • Lesson G: Set Goals

    • Lesson H: Small Changes

    • Lesson I: Fighting Disease with Food

    • Lesson J: Following the Food Guide Pyramid

    • Lesson K: Remember Fiber & to Make Good Bacteria Your Friend!

    • Lesson L: Serve Fatty Fish, Try Soy & Drink Plenty of Water!

    • Lesson M: Abstaining & Eating Right

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    • Creating Better Health Through Proper Nutrition