Alzheimer's Disease for Public Personnel and Nurses

An Enhanced Understanding of Alzheimer's Disease for Public Personnel: Judges, APS Workers, Guardians

This course is designed for judges, guardians, court clerks and other public personnel who must interact with and make decisions impacting those with Alzheimer's disease.  It covers communication strategies, determining levels of impairment and more.

What's included?

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Bruce McCollum
Bruce McCollum
Content Facilitator

About the instructor

Bruce W. McCollum, now in his 25th year in long-term care leads a team of nurses, social workers, psychologists and Rehabilitative Therapists in the development of training content that combines clinical competence with practical suggestions and day-to-day functionality.  Together they survey a variety of disciplines and develop for institutions, state governments and others the most valuable training programs that add uniformity to learning statewide. The goal is to help all of us think, prepare and give our best while serving highly vulnerable adults.

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